How to fix our broken prison system

broken prison system

How to fix our broken prison system

The passive, rehabilitating, vaginafied prison system the liberals have put in place in Americas prisons is not working and needs to be revamped. They are too lenient and far to soft for the type of people who are being incarcerated and the idea of rehabilitation is not working. According to the National Institute of Justice, the recidivism rates are 82.1 percent of property offenders, 76.9 percent of drug offenders and 71.3 percent of violent offenders will be re-arrested and sent back to prison.

To properly overhaul Americas prison system, it goes without saying that you would have to start in the courtrooms.

1. Abolish the entire appeals process. Once you are found guilty, you are guilty.
2. Lifetime sentences no longer have the possibility of parole.
3. No more plea bargains.
4. Suspect may not plead, not guilty if they know they are guilty. They are to plead guilty and then their attorney must prove them not guilty.
5. No more plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.
6. No more hung juries that result in a mistrial, judge will step in if necessary.
7. Suspects convicted of murder receive and automatic death penalty and are to be hanged unless the victims family wishes to have the murderer put to death in the manner their loved one was killed. A family member may also carry out the execution if they wish.
8. All rapist and pedophiles are to be castrated as soon as they arrive at the prison.
9. Any person who commits perjury in a court of law will be incarcerated for 1 year.
10. The death penalty is to be re-instated for all 50 states with hanging as the method of execution.
11. The 5th amendment horseshit is abolished and the accused will be required to testify.
12. If a defense lawyer defends a suspect who is found guilty, the attorney is to be suspended for 1 year.

With the justice system straightened out, we can get to work on the prisons change them back to a place where people do not want to go. Hard time, chain gangs and hot boxes are the way to get that done.
broken prison system
1. Air conditioning, cable tv and all workout equipment is to be removed from the prisons.
2. Gang activity will not be tolerated.
3. The only drink available in the prison will be water and meals will be rudimentary.
4. No prison tattoos.
5. Hot boxes and other forms of punishment are to be brought back.
6. All inmates will serve hard time regardless of the crime they committed
7. Any inmate who rapes another inmate will be castrated.
8. Bring back the chain gangs, building roads, digging ditches, picking up trash, gardening, cutting grass, building President Trumps wall along the Southern border.
9. Any assault on prison personnel will result in the inmates sentence being doubled for a first offense and have his sentence tripled for a second offense. In the event a prison official is killed, the inmate will be put to death.
10. Any inmate caught damaging the prison or prison property will have 5 years added to his sentence for each occurrence.
11. Any inmate caught stealing will have 2 years added to his sentence for each occurrence.
12. Anyone caught bringing contraband into the prison will be incarcerated for 1 year.
13. Any inmate caught with contraband will have his sentence doubled for a first offense and have his sentence tripled for a second offense.
14. Inmates who are a threat to national security or are known gang members are to be locked down for 23 hours per day in a single cell with 1 hour outside alone time per day.
15. Prisoners on death row are to either be put to death immediately.
16. Any inmate who rapes another inmate will be castrated.
17. Zero tolerance for fighting, inmate starting the fight will have his sentence doubled for a first offense and have his sentence tripled for a second offense.
18. Any inmate who makes or possesses any type of weapon will have his sentence doubled for a first offense and tripled for a second offense.
19. No cell phones allowed in the prison.
20. No conjugal visits.
21. Visits are behind glass partitions only, no physical contact with the prisoners.
22. Escape attempts are punishable by death.
broken prison systembroken prison systemprison7
If these seem harsh, they are meant to be because the system in place now DOES NOT WORK! Prison is supposed to be a place where no man wants to be and the hardcore criminals in are prisons are not getting better, they are getting worse, and we don’t need these animals back out on the streets. I’m Warren Bailey.

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1 Comment on "How to fix our broken prison system"

  1. Jaime Jon Andrade | 07/31/2016 at 9:01 am | Reply

    This is a nice story and all but until you have been found guilty and been to prison for something that is stupid and non violent and only hurting yourself then you should not make such drastic comments about the prison system. Trust me, it ain’t all fun and games in there and it is certainly a place where No man wants to be. I do agree that pedophiles should be castrated and murders should be put to death in most circumstances, but not all! Most of the jails and prisons treat people like rabid animals and should be shut down by the way they treat the inmates. In the United States today you are Guilty until proven Guilty and it is supposed to be “innocent” until proven guilty! There are correctional officers and deputies that are rude and think nothing of an inmate. Some of the things that people are incarcerated for these days are insane and the government is stepping WAY over their authority! Officers can take your money that you have in your pocket with no explanation other than they “think” you are going to use it to buy drugs or another felony. In order for someone to write a story on something like this the author should be someone that has experienced BOTH sides of the fence!!! Just saying!!! Think of all the people that spent years and years in prison and then when the DNA came out they found they were NOT GUILTY and released, without the appeals process they would be sentenced to life or in the case you made death!!! Then find out you killed someone that was INNOCENT. What kind of person would you be if something like that happened? In fact I think that drug offenders should not incarcerated unless they are caught selling to kids or “pushing” drugs on people that do not want them. The reason the system does not work and that all those people go back to prison is because after you have a felony mark on your record, unless you are super intelligent already it is almost impossible to get further education, you cannot get a grant if you have a felony on your record, also at an interview when the employer knows you’ve been to prison and knows the next person has not, they are likely to hire the next person. Trust until you have been on both sides you really should not be so harsh on HOW the prison works or doesn’t work! Great story though, good luck!!!

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