Fitness Disruption Tracker or Fitness Tracker

Fitness Disruption Tracker

Fitness Disruption Tracker

As we all know most of the world has come into contact or owns a fitness tracker to help them lose weight or to be more health conscious. However, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that states, fitness trackers, such as fit bits, can actually be hurting your weight loss goals.

Fitness Disruption Tracker

Researchers started off the project with the assumption that fitness trackers would help people to lose their desired weight. Researchers soon discovered that adding fitness trackers did the opposite in helping to lose weight. The study observed almost 500 people split into two groups, half received fitness trackers and the other half did not receive fitness trackers.

The groups met face to face to workout for the entire two year long study. One group tracked their fitness progress through a fitness tracker. The other half had to manually input their data into a computer. The group that received the trackers lost on average almost eight pounds. The other group lost on average thirteen pounds. Researchers did state exercise is more important in the maintenance phase versus in the initial weight loss phase.

Fitness Disruption Tracker

Several conclusions were made about the study to see why the trackers hindered the overall weight loss of half the study members. Researchers came to one conclusion that people paid more attention to the fitness tracker. Simply meaning that since they had the tracker the group felt as if they could reward themselves for positive results. 


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