At first sight Logan’s size has people believing he’s something other than your normal house cat. In fact, as he lounges on the sofa of the Best Western Fox Inn, some even think he must be a “Maine ‘coon.”

That’s because he tips the scales at an amazing 31 pounds, says an Inside Edition report.fat cat

“He was a normal size when I first got him,” claims owner Susan Brunvand who has run the motel for the past 20 years. He was adopted from a sanctuary about six years ago along with three other cats. However, those other cats haven’t experienced the same drastic weight gain as Logan.

I do not overfeed my cat. But it’s not unusual to see it stealing food from the other cats.” Brunvand insists.

She said she has tried to help her fat feline pet lose some weight but nothing seems to work. Her efforts included sending him away to live with friends and changing its diet.

Brunvand said that once Logan was attacked by a feral cat and couldn’t eat for a while but he still didn’t even lose a pound.  Logan was even examined by a series of veterinarians but none of them could give a reasonable explanation for his plus size.

Fat Cat

I think he just got screwed on the metabolism side of things,” Brunvand said.

However, although guests at the Inn are at first taken back when they see the huge cat sprawled out on a sofa, Logan doesn’t seem to bother them all that much.

“He does kind of make people laugh. But they always come over at pet him. Then everyone wants to get their picture taken with him. He’s learned how to become very popular with the guests,” says Brunvand.

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