Dont Worry Trump Fans, Expert Says Cruz Will Be Gone by April 26th!

Dont Worry Trump Fans, Expert Says Cruz Will Be Gone by April 26th!

April showers bring May flowers.

It has definitely been a storm since Ted Cruz aligned himself with Establishment Republicans to try and take on Donald Trump for the party nomination. But I am here to tell you that there is a break in the clouds ahead!

According to political expert Joe Hoft, the Cruz boat will have sank by April 26th.

How did he figure this? Well, according to the published author, even Wisconsin was not enough to save Cruz, and this will become painfully obvious when Trump sweeps up a huge number of delegates from his home state of New York on the 19th and then throughout most of the North Eastern United States on April 26th.

Also, if you look below, it is important to note that Cruz needs to sweep everything to win, while Donald Trump does not.


After this date, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for Ted Cruz to receive the number of nominations needed to become the party’s nominee, hopefully forcing him to drop out and give the people the presidential candidate we demand.

H/T – The Gateway Pundit

2 Comments on "Dont Worry Trump Fans, Expert Says Cruz Will Be Gone by April 26th!"

  1. Salvatore J Mazzotta | 04/06/2016 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    I’m calling BS on the assertion that Cruz has aligned himself with establishment Repubs. This has never been the case. He has fought the establishment harder than anyone. And this article makes it sound as if Cruz entered the race at the Establishment’s behest and with their blessing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. Cruz and Kasick are being supported by the RNC, largest donor Karl Rove who should be investigated for embezzlement and jailed for dirty,tricks,legal and illegal. Time for Limbaugh,Levin, and Hannity to be turned off on talk radio. They are all getting money to support Cruz. For myself,I can no longer support or encourage anyone to support Convention of States because the way Levin has refused to discuss Cruz’s sealed 2014 citizenship papers and all of the other sealed papers, the hush-hush sudden filing of CITIZENSHIP papers before Cruz ran. Lack of accomplishment and attendance in Senate like Obama. If Levin. An be bought by Ted Cruz he is not the person with a strong moral & strong constitutional knowledge. To trust for time and money to change the USA. A patriot would run far away from Cruz. Likewise Hannity. They yak it up he is a strong conservative but look up Ted Cruz on See how Cruz uses legal mumble jumbo to not say anything on positions.

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