Donor Registry Unites a Dozen Test Tube Siblings

Donor Registry

Donor Registry Unites a Dozen Test Tube Siblings


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Lexie Stewart, Briley Lewis and Katee Kenether all have something in common. They are half-siblings along with at least a dozen other children. None of whom know who their father is. That’s because their mothers all chose the same anonymous sperm bank in Atlanta to conceive.

The CBC reports the three teenagers, all who have blonde hair, blue eyes and a strong love of music while their mothers are tuneless. They discovered one another after they began searching through the Donor Sibling Registry, an online company based in Colorado. The registry helps unite donor conceived children with half-brothers or sisters around the world. They use a file containing a unique set of letters and numbers the mothers received along with the sperm.

sibling trio

Lexie ~ Briley and Katee

When Lexie began her search, she had no idea Briley and Katee were doing the same thing. She said she was “shocked and excited” when she got an email one day from Briley, who lived 2,300 kilometres away.

He told Lexie he was the only son of two moms in Kentucky. When they compared notes, they discovered they had a love of music in common. It turned out he’s the only musician in the family and plays trombone, piano, and cello. Lexie said she specializes in vocal performance at her arts high school, but her mother can’t sing a note.

“It was the just the greatest, We were both bawling,” Lexie’s mother, Kim Stewart stated when her daughter informed her she had discovered a half-brother.

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Briley said his whole world changed after he began using the donor registry. “I was really overwhelmed when I got on the website and saw all those entries. Then when I found Lexie, “it was like my birthday 10 times over.”
donor sibling_1455849117199_324042_ver1.0But the discoveries had just begun, because Katee was also searching the same site for signs of her father and half-siblings. She said she was shocked when she found Lexie, who looked so much like her they could have been twins. Also, they both have the ability to arch their left eyebrow and share a love of music.

The CBC reported that all three half-siblings and five mothers agreed to meet at Katee’s parent’s beach house in New Jersey this summer. They spent a week and a half there getting to know one another.

We know there was some concern about how we were going to live for a week with these people we never met before, but it’s been fabulous, Noreen Kemether, one of Katee’s moms said.

Barb Lewis said her son Briley always felt that he was missing something.

Katee, who acted as hostess for the meeting said she had a great time with her half-sister and half-brother. She took them kayaking, hiking and to a show in New York City.

sibling meeting

Family Get Together

As the trio continued to search the donor site, they got more surprises when they found 12 other half-siblings, most of whom were younger, so the bond with them is not that close.

As for their father. He’s still anonymous. All they have is a brief file, an essay written by him and a couple of other items.

“We’ve also discovered that he’s a music teacher, which is pretty funny,” Lexie laughed.

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