Decision Made In Another Police Shooting But This One May Surprise You!

A decision has been made in regards to another shooting involving a police officer and a black suspect. This time it involved a black officer. Pretty much the same type of story though. The suspect was ordered to stop numerous times, he refused, the officer felt threatened and did what he was trained to do. He fired his weapon at the suspect.

Here’s the shocker this officer will not have charges brought against him. He was permanently suspended which is the same as being fired. The reason for the suspension was for violating department policy for shooting the suspect just a few seconds after confronting him.

Officer Freeman worked as an Austin police officer for 10 years, appealed the suspension.

The case drew scrutiny as questions of racial bias in U.S. policing have been raised after the fatal shootings of several unarmed African-American men by police in recent months.

The grand jury met on five separate days and heard testimony from 12 witnesses, including Freeman and members of Joseph’s family, before reaching its decision, the Travis County District Attorney’s office said in a statement.

It said Freeman stopped his patrol car about 100 feet from Joseph and drew his gun. Joseph ran toward the officer, who ordered him to stop and Freeman fired two shots when he did not, the district attorney’s office said, adding both shots hit Joseph.

My question is had this been a white officer like other recent cases would the outcome have been the same. I am willing to bet it wouldn’t have been. Because we would have seen a lot of protests, possible riots, race baiting people such as AL Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, maybe even Obama himself come to the defense of the suspect who just wouldn’t listen and stop running.

Why it is such a hard concept for some to follow, you put yourself in a situation where you are dealing with police officers. You know that if you threaten them in any way they will use force to remove that threat. Most situations it is not the officers killing the criminals it is the criminals ignorance that got them killed.

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