College Rewards “Black Lives” Group For Vandalism During National Police Week

College Rewards “Black Lives” Group For Vandalism

A group of “Black Lives Matter” students vandalized a display at Dartmouth college on Friday. A bulletin board decorated in honor of National Police Week was torn down by group.

The College Republicans had erected the display with permission of the college administration. It included the saying “Blue Lives Matter” and referred to police officers as heroes.

This was, apparently, too much for the BLM thugs on campus. The group tore down the original signs and replaced them with their own flyers. The new papers read : “You cannot co-opt the movement against state violence to memorialize its perpetrators. #blacklivesmatter.”

Students from the “Black Lives” group then proceeded to stand guard over their handiwork.

Police Week display destroyed by Black Lives Matter group

Police Week display destroyed by Black Lives Matter group

The President of the College Republicans, Michelle Knesbach, sent a letter to the school’s President. In it she requested equal treatment for her group. “All we ask is that the protections and freedoms of self-expression afforded to other student organizations be extended to us.”

Administrators finally intervened. Rather than punishing the students for damaging the initial display, however, they placated them. The BLM kids were given access to a bulletin board just down the hall to put their flyers on.That’s right. The vandals were rewarded with their own space for their propaganda.

Why is this a problem? All other student organizations are required to go through a 3 week approval process before they can post anything up. This included the College Republicans who put up the signs that were destroyed in the incident. The same- day granting of the their own board constitutes a double standard, according to Knesbach.

I concur. Instead of treating all students (regardless of color or theology) equally, the college’s staff demonstrated blatant favoritism.

It is the job of colleges to teach lessons. The one learned here, though, is injurious. Dartmouth attendees learned that those who follow the rules are subjected to crimes while those who break the rules are rewarded for their outrageous acts.

Evidently, not all rules matter.

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