Chinese Woman Survives 38 HOURS At Sea

Chinese Woman Survives 38 Hours At Sea


The world is stunned by the survival of a Chinese woman who survived 38 hours in the sea after falling off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

The Telegraph reported Wednesday that 32-year-old Wang Si, of Shanghai, China, was on a cruise from Japan to China when she accidentally fell overboard.  She was with her parents on the five day trip but decided to take a stroll around the ship by herself.  Her parents grew concerned after realizing they hadn’t seen her in hours. They raised the alarm and more than 100 volunteers conducted a thorough ship of the huge ocean liner but found no sign of her. Her parents were then told that if she fell overboard it was  unlikely she would survive long in the

When the Mariner of the Sea docked in its home port in Shanghai, Thursday morning her parents were convinced their daughter had died in the sea. However Friday morning, her father received news that his daughter was still alive, It was reported he thought it was a hoax until he heard her voice on the telephone. Reports indicate she had been picked up a fisherman who spotted her floating in the sea near Zhoushan. By that time she had been 38 hours in the sea with no flotation device and nothing to cling to. In addition, she had nothing to eat or drink for the entire 38 hours in the sea. However, she told her rescuer she even managed a little sleep. Her injuries were said to be minor, consisting of a few scratches and various stings from jelly fish.

Wang Si told authorities her ordeal began when she accidentally leaned too far over the fourth level railing to study the sea and fell overboard. The fall was judged to be from about the height of a seven story building.

The Chinese woman, who started swimming at age 5, was said to be a very strong swimmer with a degree in sports. She credited her physical strength and strong will as reasons for her ship

Her tale of survival, which was shared on the micro-blogging site Sina Webb was said to be ‘amazing.” It also drew other comments as viewers expressed their disbelief.

She didn’t eat or drink for 38 hours and still managed to survive. That’s amazing,” announced one blog member.  “This can’t be real,” stated another person.

If it’s true she should join the Olympics,” a commentator laughingly reported.

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