Brit Student To Nestle: No Wafers In My KitKat, Now Give Me A Lifetime Supply

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We’ve all heard the advice that if we don’t get satisfaction when it comes to customer service, to go to the head of the company, and make a complaint.  One student in the United Kingdom took this to heart when she bit into her favorite candy – a KitKat bar – and found nothing but chocolate.  Saima Ahmad, a student at Kings College in London, bought a multi pack and was unpleasantly surprised, so she wrote the head of the company.

In her letter to Nestle, she wrote: ‘The truth of the matter is; manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers.

‘The specific duty you owe in consistency in your manufacturing process. The failure to take due care in the manufacturing process resulted in a product being defective.

‘As a result I feel as though I have been misled to part with my money and purchase a product that is clearly different from what has been marketed by Nestle.

‘The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance.

‘I would like a full refund of the defective pack of KitKat I purchased. I have also lost my faith in Nestle.

‘Clearly, if I wanted to purchase a confectionary item that is purely chocolate, I would have purchased a bar of Galaxy.

‘I would therefore like to request a life-long supply of KitKat so that I can act as a means of quality control – it appears you need me more than I need you.’

As it happens, in the UK, this is not an uncommon complaint among candy consumers that KitKat bars are missing wafers.  They definitely do have a quality control issue, but asking for a lifetime supply of the stuff?  For most reasonable people the thought of pure chocolate rather than having wafers layered in being a loss of emotional significance has to be rooted in female hormonal imbalances, and chocolate is definitely a part of this.  This writer has personal experience.  However, the young lady paid less than two pounds for the multi-pack (less than $1.50 this week), so monetary damages are definitely in doubt.

This girl claims to have legal precedence from 1930 to back her demand of a lifetime supply of a product that will contribute to diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay.

She added: ‘Nestle have a huge following and I don’t think these mistakes are acceptable….

‘They should definitely give in to me. I’m hoping my demand will go higher than the customer service platform.

‘I’d like the CEO of Nestle to respond to my letter because it’s an extremely important issue. I’m trying my luck – if you don’t ask you don’t get.’….

‘They are my favourite chocolate bars, I love them.’

So do a lot of people.  That doesn’t mean they are going to try to guilt the CEO of a multi-national company into giving a lifetime supply of product to a person who happened to get a chunk of chocolate.  A case…maybe, but this is just greedy.

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  1. She got the chocolate….give her a life time supply of wafers

  2. Thats not a “brit student” its a savage! Filthy muslims

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