BREAKING: America Top Christian Leader Just Endorsed Donald Trump!!!

BREAKING: America Top Christian Leader Just Endorsed Donald Trump!!!

Halleluja! God is definitely smiling on Donald Trump today!

In a surprising and illuminating Twist of Fate, Reverand Franklin Graham came out in strong support of the new Republican frontrunner, although he did warn that “every candidate will fail without God.”

“Congratulations are in order for Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump this morning after his win in Indiana makes him the presumptive nominee for his party. We need to continue to pray for major change in Washington and in our country through whoever is elected. Let’s pray for God’s will to be done and that He will give this nation leaders at every level who will look to Him for wisdom and direction,” Graham posted to Facebook on yesterday morning.

He added, “Regardless of who your candidate of choice is-or was-remember, they are only human. Without God in the equation, they will ultimately fail. Our hope can’t rest in any candidate or political party-the only hope for America is in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

While Reverand Graham renounced his Republican affiliation, he is still a very strong player in the conservative field. He is arguably the most successful and powerful Televangelist in US history and has used this position to leverage his way into the political sphere.

So do you think he genuinely likes Donald or is this another last ditch effort to avoid being alienated by the party?


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