Bill Maher Smokes a Joint On Air

Weed is now legal for adult recreational use in Washington, D.C., Colorado, Washington, and Alaska. Many more states are currently considering legalization, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Nearly half of U.S. states have some form of medical marijuana, as well. But for Bill Maher, it just isn’t enough.

The outspoken host of Real Time on HBO actually lit up on air to demonstrate his commitment to seeing marijuana legalized nationwide. Maher compared the right to smoke weed with the right to marry whomever one chooses, but said the latter was far easier to win legal protection for because of all the money involved in enforcement.

Maher makes several points about how criminalizing marijuana makes absolutely no sense.

“Somehow, you can drink drink alcohol. You can smoke cigarettes,” he observed. “You can do that thing where you cut off your oxygen with a belt and masturbate. Which is not only dangerous, but take it from me, it’ll get you kicked out of Macy’s menwear like that.”

The always cocky Maher makes some great points and earns a few laughs. Don’t worry, Bill was on private property and has a medical marijuana card, meaning this was completely legal… Well, at least to some of the panelists decided to join him.

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