Bad Reaction To Anesthesia Causes A Freak-Out (Video)

Ever since “David after the dentist” went viral on YouTube years ago, people have been uploading their own videos of people having a bad reaction to anesthesia¬†in an attempt to be the next big thing. Many of them are dumb and don’t warrant any attention, but the man in this video is high as a kite and his fear is hilarious.

He went to the dentist for some cavity work and whatever drugs they used on him had a rough side effect. After getting home the big burly guy got into bed, curled into a ball with a roll of tape, and started weeping. Why the tape you ask? Well that’s his backup plan in the event his head falls off. You read that right, he is afraid that his head is going to fall off and if it does the tape is on hand to re-attach it.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says to try and calm him, he is very adamant that his head may fall off and no one is allowed to touch that tape. From what I can make out from the conversation with his wife, he rolled off the couch earlier and that started the whole “my head might fall off” fear. It sounds silly to us, but to be fair he is high as a kite. At least he has his tape to keep him safe.

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