Amelia Earhart. Did She Die a Castaway? NEW Evidence Discovered!

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart. Did She Die a Castaway? NEW Evidence Discovered!

Some new clues regarding the fate of Amelia Earhart have emerged, according to a Huffington Post story.

It says Earhart, who was attempting to become the first female pilot to fly around the world, died a castaway on a remote island. The report says she continually sent radio messages in which she begged to be saved.


According to Investigation by The International Group of Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan landed the Lockheed Electra plane somewhere around Nikumarora Island in the southwest portion of the Pacific Ocean, near Kiribati. Nikumarora Island is also known as Gardner Island.

The research group believes they were attempting to reach Howard Island, but with their destination still 350 miles away, they began running low on fuel. The island was nothing more than atoll in the Pacific Ocean, which hadn’t been inhabited since 1892. It’s 2,000 miles southwest of Hawaii.

In a presentation last month, TIGHAR member Ric Gillespie announced that Earhart may have made over 100 distress calls on her radio.


“People starting hearing distress calls from the airplane and they have been verified,” Gillespie stated.

a6f1b6121091fa978b2b223eb7715c21He said the calls were made between July 2nd and 6th of 1937 and believed to have been heard as far away as Texas and Melbourne. A 16-year-old Florida girl claims to be one of those who heard the calls. The teenager told TIGHAR she tried to write down some of the words, but they were very confusing and kept mentioning New York. A call another person heard mentioned fast rising waters, which indicated Earhart may have actually crashed landed in the sea near the Island.

Gillespie reported his group believes the pair may have survived for some time on the island by eating various kinds of fish and birds and drinking rain water. A makeshift camp was found at the southeast end of the Island, but there was no sign of the airplane. It may have been swept off the reef and into the ocean.


Gillespie says TIGHAR plans to return to the site sometime soon with a submarine to search the ocean floor.

Earhart was officially declared dead by the United States on January 5th, 1939. For years rumors have circulated that her plane was shot down by the Japanese, who thought she was a spy. The rumors indicate she was either killed, or taken prisoner, neither of which has been proven.

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