“[African-Americans] ARE Poor” Refreshing TRUTH BOMBS From Yvette Carnell

Until about twenty minutes ago, this writer had never heard of Yvette Carnell.  Not being into the national conversation on the black community other than the periphery, there was no real reason for an upper middle class, politically conservative white girl to know about her.  However, after an eleven minute diatribe where Ms. Carnell spoke one truth bomb after another to her brothers and sisters in the black community, the woman is most deserving of respect.

We probably have divergent opinions on religion, politics and how to live life, but Ms. Carnell knows the latest research on the plight of the American black, and has no problem telling her own people what is out there in the way of data.  The catalyst for her speaking out was Donald Trump’s simple statement that “black people are poor,” which, to anyone who lives in the US, is a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to the people living in the American ghetto…not much.  Ms. Carnell is brutally honest in what she has to say to those who criticized Trump and the very simple and stark statement.

Some striking things about this speech that actually need to be addressed for ALL Americans not just blacks:

There is no inheritance.  American law has sought to confiscate wealth passed down from generation to generation for over 100 years.  Between probate costs, state and federal income taxes specifically on inheritance which are at different rates for the 50 states, and the death tax that is only avoided if a monied person or couple has invested in an irrevocable living trust, inheritance is significantly diminished for everyone.  Aside from the pathologies of poverty, that may be part of the equation.  (Elimination of inheritance is actually a plank in the Communist Manifesto, but that is not well known.)

Failing schools.  Yes, the inner city schools are more like war zones than the suburban variety.  They are also falling apart mostly due to age in comparison, and lack the extras like music, and upgraded athletic equipment.  However, American public schools all seem to have in common that students are coming out significantly less educated than they once were.  Why is in Ms. Carnell’s words.  The kids – actually, everybody – spend far more time consuming entertainment than reading and learning from the past.  Life’s most important lessons and development of natural gifts are not taught in a classroom.   They aren’t found in video games.  But, some of them can be found in the pages of the books lining the shelves of local lending libraries which, in the USA, are free for the most part.  And, of course, on the internet.

The people are being lied to by mainstream media faces of all colors.  There is no getting around this for people who do their homework, as Ms. Carnell obviously does.  Lies, half-truths and outright fabrications are presented as “true facts.”  Bias is becoming far more obvious as the veneer of the old guard news crews is wearing off.  (Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Harry Reasoner were much more believable liars.)  Thanks to the computing tools we all carry as “phones,” Americans have at their fingertips information on almost any topic they can query.  Ms. Carnell is obviously using hers.  She knows a lie about her topic of interest when she hears it.

It is bittersweet at this time in history to nod in appreciation to the Yvette Carnells of the United States.  A lot of blacks are waking up to the reality no white person other than Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Donald Trump dares to speak.  Blacks are poor, and the culture of poverty perpetuates for more reasons that “the white man wants them down”.  Now that the reality is being spoken and digested, the people of the ‘hood will begin to figure out how to change that.

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