8 Rare And Shocking Health Medical Conditions

8 Rare And Shocking Health Medical Conditions

We all have to admit that there are some strange conditions out there. These 8 medical conditions are some of the rarest and most unusual out there. Ranging from the skin to the eyes how some manage with these conditions is remarkable.

1.  Blue Skin Disorder

There was a family that were known as the “blue people” in the 1960’s. They suffered from no serious condition except there skin was blue. Most of the family well past the age of 80.

How does this blue skin occur? It is a rare blood condition called methemoglobinemia. It causes decreased blood oxygen levels which causes the skin to take on a blue, and sometimes a deep purple, color. Since the discovery of this condition there is a treatment and the skin soon returns to normal.

Methemoglobinemia is hereditary, but can also be caused by certain foods, drugs, and chemicals. whenever there is an issue with the “cytochrome b5 reductase” enzyme blue skin can occur.

Blue Skin

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