6 Great White Sharks Close US Beaches!

6 Great White Sharks Close US Beach!

US beach goers beware! Steven Spielberg fans, grab your cameras! Great Whites have caused the closure of three American beaches.


Great White off shore of Cape Cod

Officials at Noons Landing, Beach Point, and Cold Storage beaches have shut them down as of Friday. The cause of the closing was the sighting of six great white sharks. They were spotted just over a mile from shore. A floating whale carcass was providing a feat for the ferocious fish.

Because pieces of the whale have floated up on to the shoreline, the area has been deemed unsafe for swimmers. Ya think? Of course, the fact that sharks can smell blood from up to three miles away might factor in as well.

Dr. Greg Skomal, a marine biologist, spoke regarding the closures. “Given the sharks were on whale and the whale was a mile or two from land, whale did wash ashore, it makes sense for folks take a precautionary sense for a day or two.”

A day or two? Forget that. I am an avid surfer. Even I wouldn’t go back after two days. The ocean is the home of these Great Whites. I have a high level or respect for their space and their capabilities. You wouldn’t get me back in that water until the researchers at Center for Coastal Studies that are monitoring the sharks told me it was clear.

Swimmers at other beaches in the Cape Cod area have been cautioned to be “vigilant.” They are being asked to report any shark sightings. These vacation destinations are definitely closed through Sunday. After that, officials will make a determination about reopening them to the public.

Anyone complaining about their lost access to the areas needs to go check out a couple of clips of “Air Jaws.” Then they can get back to us about how much they want to enjoy the water right now.

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