44 Years of Marital Bliss, Then Something Amazing Happened! {VIDEO}

44 Years of Marital Bliss

44 Years of Marital Bliss, Then Something Amazing Happened!

How long would you wait to say “I Do”? Most women are pushing for marriage after about four years, not Sally Smith, now known as Sally Dunn. Sally Smith worked at Middleton Social Club back in 1972, where she met Collin Dunn, who came into the club at the end of every work week. Colin Dunn was a truck driver and Sally a Barista. Sally served Colin every time he came in, and after a while they began to date. A few dates later, Colin decided to move in with Sally and her four kids from a previous marriage. Although they had thought and talked about getting married, they decided to put it off to pursue other things, like raising their children and vacationing in Blackpool for the holidays. After their children had grown, they had 13 children and 9 grandchildren of their own. Big family right? Still, instead of getting married because they already lived as man and wife, they continued to put off tying the knot.

44 Years of Marital Bliss

Around Christmas time a terrible loss came to Colin, as he heard news of his brother Harold’s death. Not long before that, he experienced the loss of his eldest brother. Sally and Colin, realizing that this may soon happen to one of them, decided to put it off no longer. They had finally began to plan their wedding, and what a wedding it was.

This past Saturday, they finally decided to do what they had been putting off for 44 years. In front of a wedding party of about 100 friends and family, the ceremony was performed at the St. Mary’s Church. According to the newlyweds, everything was perfect. “The day was beautiful and so was the wedding cake,” said Sally Dunn. “The best part was getting married,” expressed Colin. What a truly touching story of true love and patience.

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