Mysterious Disappearance of 1845 Arctic Expedition SOLVED! The Details Will Amaze You!

1845 Arctic Expedition

Mysterious Disappearance of 1845 Arctic Expedition SOLVED! The Details Will Amaze You!

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Sir John Franklin

The Guardian has announced the final clue in the mysterious disappearance of the 1845 Franklin expedition to the Arctic has been solved.
The paper reports the second ship, the HMS Terror was discovered September third. It was found by an Arctic Research vessel in Nunavut Bay about 90 kilometers north of where its sister ship was earlier located .

The Terror is said to be in “pristine condition” with all three sails still standing and most of its hatches closed.

The wreck of the HMS Erebus, the flagship of the expedition, was discovered in 2014 by a group of researchers led by Parks Canada. It was located west of O’Reily Island, in the eastern portion of the Queen Maud Gulf.

The story of Sir John Franklin’s doomed trip to the Arctic has intrigued researchers for 168 years. The 59-year-old man was a member of Royal Navy Office and a veteran of three previous trips.

With a crew of 129 men and two ships, he sailed from England in an attempt to find a route through the fabled North West Passage. His ships were last seen in 1845 and until recent years their true fate has remained a

After learning of her husband’s disappearance, Lady Jane Franklin urged the British Navy to launch a search. The first one was conducted in 1848, but never found a trace of the lost ships.

The navy then offered a huge reward for anybody who could locate the lost sailors. It prompted a host of explorers to continue the hunt. By 1850 a total of 11 British and two American ships were combing the Arctic. It resulted in the discovery of what was believed to be remains of some of the sailors in three graves on Beachy Island. An assortment of relics tying them to the Franklin expedition was also found.

In 1854, famed Arctic explorer John Rae came across more relics south-east of King William Island on the Canadian Arctic coast. He also brought back stories about the doomed expedition he heard from the Inuits.

Francis McClintock in 1859, added more clues to the mystery. He discovered a note describing the crew’s fate. Despite searches through the remainder of the 19th century and into 20th, there wasn’t much else found until the recent locating of the two ships.framklin







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