110 Year Old Woman Unimpressed By TV Cameras (Video)

Plenty of people get super excited about being on TV, but not 110 year old Flossie Dickey. Fox of Spokane figured it would be a great human interest story to talk to Flossie about her long life. Unfortunately for anchorwoman Nichole Mischke who was interviewing her, Flossie didn’t seem to care about the interview at all.

It’s not really that surprising, at the age of 110, she’s probably tired a lot of the time. Getting asked a bunch of dumb questions about how to live that long probably wasn’t helping the interview. When asked about her birthday party she told interviewers she wasn’t excited in the least. She looked like she just wanted the news woman to go away so she could enjoy her drink.

It’s hilarious to watch the interviewers struggle to get her to answer questions. The poor woman just wants to take a nap and continue her day in peace. They tried real hard to get a decent story out of the interview, but all they really learned was that Flossie enjoys taking a nap and from time to time has a glass of whiskey straight up.

Check out the interview below, Flossie’s apathetic attitude is a laugh riot.

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